Music: Singing, Guqin, Guzheng · 音乐:唱歌,弹古琴,弹古筝

Singing at the Spring Festival of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Zurich (March 2011)

Playing Guzheng at a seminar about Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zurich (March 2011)

Singing “Yuán xī” in Harbin, China (2008)

Singing “Xiāng jiàn huan”, Harbin (2008)

Publications · 书

Poems and ink paintings:

西窗一夜雨 · 何源诗画 (2006)

Drawing Diaries:

我的2009 (My 2009)

日常的诗:我的2010 («Poesy of Everyday: My 2010»)

日常的诗:我的2011 («Poesy of Everyday: My 2011»)

日常的诗:我的2012 («Poesy of Everyday: My 2012»)

日常的诗:我的2013 («Poesy of Everyday: My 2013»)

日常的诗:我的2014 («Poesy of Everyday: My 2014»)

日常的诗:我的2015 («Poesy of Everyday: My 2015»)